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MEDIT 17 - 18 November 2017

Medit – Health Innovation is the reference expo for innovations and tech developments in the healthcare world. It hosts a format that has created a specific synergy between sales, business and conference areas: Two days packed with highly specialist conferences and meetings about hospital technology, construction systems and designs for healthcare facilities, and in general, the logistics that see the patient at the centre of treatment paths, all connected by technology. In the age of multimedia, even healthcare services are changing their appearance through the use of increasingly developed and complex technologies. The diagnostics systems are now increasingly digitalised, and the implementation of computerised systems makes it easier to transmit and share healthcare information and notes quickly and securely.  The aim is to move data and not patients, guaranteeing the best diagnostic consultancy and possibly, independently of place of residence. Patients can be monitored in the home or as they move, thanks to wearable and portable devices, to network access to personal healthcare notes, and to remote assistance for patients suffering from chronic illness: Anytime, anywhere healthcare are the bywords for the healthcare of tomorrow. The focus at Medit is on the businesses working in the computer industry pertaining to healthcare, computer networks, and businesses in the medical equipment & devices industry. Medit is a most important crossroads for stakeholders in the healthcare system: general, healthcare and administration managers, GPs, paediatricians, hospital doctors, hospital and university specialists, engineers and clinical software engineers, district healthcare heads, primary care chiefs, and technical and healthcare professionals and operators.   This event has become an essential update for everyone in the healthcare sector wanting to deal even more closely with increasingly cutting-edge technologies. Medit is the ideal showcase with which to promote best practices in the field of e-Health and digitalised healthcare.
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