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Porte Bonheur, on show, new millennium amulets

The first humans to wear ornaments knew nothing of vanity: what we now think of as "jewellery" and that once consisted of shells, stones, pieces of wood or animal teeth, was meant to "bring good fortune", to keep evil at bay, to heal.... Mankind's very first jewellery items were none other than lucky charms. It is therefore extremely interesting that, although this function has been lost through the millenniums and jewellery's ornamental purpose has practically taken over entirely, this ancient function was re-introduced as a theme for the last edition of the Next Jeneration young designer contest set up by Fiera di Vicenza. The contest has now become an exhibition organised by Fiera in collaboration with Apindustria, CNA Vicenza, Confartigianato Vicenza and Confindustria Vicenza.The exhibition, under the curatorship of Alba Cappellieri, a teacher at Milan Polytechnic, and Livia Tenuta, also from Milan Polytechnic, showcases the twenty selected designs from the contest and subsequently produced by Vicenza In fact, the idea created a temporal short circuit that released a spark of creativity from young stylists as well as yet another chance for Vicenza craftsmen to prove and highlight their ability to produce an object from an idea.